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Augmented Reality with Internet Of Things

Moving over from virtual reality. Augmented Reality technologies and more recently Mixed Reality(MR) technology are converging with the Internet Of Things(IoT). One of the central promises of the internet of things is to make our world smarter. This can only happen when the right information is provided at the right time….

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Augmented Reality For Home Automation

Augmented Reality The smart home is one of the most existing developments currently going on. But, has still to really hit a home run. Most of the devices are cumbersome to configure and use. Therefore, often requires an app to be installed. For instance, a phone app to turn your…

<thrive_headline click tho-post-17144 tho-test-6>Latest Features in Altium Designer 2017</thrive_headline>

Latest Features in Altium Designer 2017

The engineering mentality is one focused on efficiency and creativity. And whether you’re designing electronics in today’s autonomous vehicles or connected devices the careful balance between art and science walks a very thin line. Sooner or later, you’re bound to hit a roadblock. Not in your ideas. But in executing…

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Basics of Printed Circuit Board Design

So you have done your design and you now know what your specifications are for your idea. To avoid scope creep (where specifications may change during design stage) which can be costly, ensure and verify with your partners and a tiny portion of the target market that the specifications are…