Augmented Reality

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5 Milestones in my AR Journey

So you’ve probably enrolled in my AR Business Card Crash Course, however, I have not yet formally introduced myself. My name is Ritesh Kanjee from Augmented Startups. I’ve been specializing in technology such as Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence as well as Electronics. Now for you to get to know me…

ARCore vs ARkit

ARCore vs ARkit

Google has announced ARCore on the same platform as the Apple’s ARkit, both enable the user to interact with their environment like never before. As Apple’s ARkit is only available on iOS 11 running apple devices with the new A9 processors, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone…

AR Kit in 2018

AR Kit in 2018

Apples AR Kit Apple introduced the AR kit earlier this year. Tim Cook making it very clear about seeing potential in Augmented Reality more than Virtual Reality. ARkit is designed to work with your real-world environment, not even considering changes in lightning and shadows. The ARkit uses phone’s camera to…

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Augmented Reality with Internet Of Things

Moving over from virtual reality. Augmented Reality technologies and more recently Mixed Reality(MR) technology are converging with the Internet Of Things(IoT). One of the central promises of the internet of things is to make our world smarter. This can only happen when the right information is provided at the right time….

<thrive_headline click tho-post-17160 tho-test-7>Augmented Reality For Home Automation</thrive_headline>

Augmented Reality For Home Automation

Augmented Reality The smart home is one of the most existing developments currently going on. But, has still to really hit a home run. Most of the devices are cumbersome to configure and use. Therefore, often requires an app to be installed. For instance, a phone app to turn your…