Updated Look for ArduinoStartups.com

So for those who have not noticed, this website Arduino Startups.com has been undergoing some renovations. We updated the look, feel and functionality of the website. Before the change, there were a few course available and also the theme wasn’t really suited for courses.  Now we will be uploading even more courses that are not just thought by me but by other excellent instructors and experts in their field. This will allow Arduino Startups to grow beyond what it can with this partnership. The courses that will be apart to Arduino Startups will include the exciting topics such as:

  • Arduino
  • Machine Learning and Neural Networks,
  • PCB design,
  • Electronics,
  • FPGA Design,
  • Raspberry Pi,
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision.

These are just some of various course that you can expect coming to this site and that you can expect to learn in the near future.  The goal of Arduino Startups is to teach you all the valuable skills that you need to learn so you can excel in your venture and speed up your time to market. So if you want to know more about what we have to offer you, please leave a comment on what you like or dislike about the new Arduino Startups.