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The epitome of brilliance! – Krishna

The epitome of brilliance! Was great for learning some tips & tricks that I did not previously know. I mostly learned use of Altium on my own, after having previously used Eagle.

A fun challenge was to NOT use the auto-router, and to route it with only the top, bottom, and the 2 power planes.


I really liked the course, i found it very informative – Mustafa

I really liked the course, i found it very informative. First of all, it has lots of info on designing a PCB in a efficient way. As a final year Electronics Engineering undergraduate, i was taught how to design things properly, but after i watched the course, i realized there’s still been tips and tricks i need to learn.

Almost every professional use Altium, so you better to know how to use Altium even if you already know some other programs like me.

The instructor get you through the process step by step, but he is absolutely not wasting your time. I think, the instructor did a really good job at this point, too.

Audio quality was nice, you can hear his clear voice, and there is no some disturbing background noise. So obviously he paid enough for the microphone 🙂

I liked presentation, too and also there is some extra bonus documents which gives you break from watching and implementing on your own.

In brief, the quality of content, audio, and presentation is perfect, therefore you can follow the instructor easily. I recommend you to try this one. The instructor did a good job and created a quality product and continue to upload extra contents.


Highly recommended – Ian Beers

This course is literally the first PCB course I’ve ever taken on the subject, and by that I mean absolutely no former training on PCBs at all. I’m primarily an InfoSec/vulnerability/pentester guy who was looking to get to the bare bones of hardware systems. This class was able to take someone with 0 knowledge on PCBs and 0 knowledge on a CAD-like design platform and manage to finish the course with a zero-error board in 5 days. Highly recommended.

The course is extremely well structured and very informative – Rajiv

The course is extremely well structured and very informative. The instructor explains thoroughly and is very easy to understand. I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in learning something new

Great course for beginners, I highly recommend this course. – Atharva

Great course for beginners…Me being a beginner, got a solid understanding of Altium Designer from schematic to manufacturing…also some additional tips & tricks…I highly recommend this course.

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