Welcome to Arduino Startups.com – Becoming a Tech Startup

Hi and welcome to Arduino Startups.com. When I was starting out building my own tech company, I found it really challenging to find all the tools and skills that I required in order to develop my own products. The reason being is there are literally tons of information on the internet on the subject but not all are relevant to what you need to accomplish. That is why I started this website. ArduinoStartups.com is a site for those who have an tech idea that may change the world however, there are certain constraints and obstacles that present themselves and hinder your progress. These obstacles may be a lack of financial, human or time resources.

So lets say you have an idea and  you take it a third party company to develop it into a prototype. This can be really costly and expenses can range from $10 000 to over $500 000. You can only afford that if you have a really wealthy partner who believes in your product and this can only happen when they see your prototype. Also manufacturing costs of the prototype can range even higher depending on the demand your can accumulate. To overcome this hurdle you can normally launch your idea on a crowdfunding site such as kickstarter or indiegogo. However before the launch you first need a robust prototype to be built with minimal expenses and that’s where we come in.

We teach you the skills that you require to learn how to the basics of prototyping right from design until manufacturing your electronic prototype. By teaching you the fundamental skills you will have to sacrifice the time to learn the skills necessary to design and manufacture an electronic Printed Circuit Board (PCB) so that you can save the money that can be invested more wisely. In doing so you will grow as both an entrepreneur and engineer. You will also save the headache of reiteration with the third party company who may not create your prototype according to your specifications.

So without further adue I would like for you to explore this growing website and be sure to subscribe to our email newsletters, should you wish to become your own boss and develop your tech idea into something amazing! You can do all this even while you have a part-time or full-time job. We are here to help and answer your questions.


Ritesh Kanjee has over 7 years in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design as well in image processing and embedded control. He completed his Masters Degree in Electronic engineering and published a paper for IEEE called Vision-based adaptive Cruise control using Pattern matching (on Google Scholar). His work was implemented in LabVIEW. He works as an Embedded Electronic Engineer in defence research. He has experience in FPGA design with programming in both VHDL and Verilog.