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Where Tech Entrepreneurs come to learn, create and Innovate. We teach courses riding the latest technology trends in Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, PCB design, FPGA's and Electronics.

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Arduino Startups is Leader in Online Tech Education with more than 11+ Authored Courses. The Founder of Arduino Startups, Ritesh Kanjee, is a Bestselling Online Instructor with more than 25,000+ students from more than 147 countries around the world.
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Apple AR Kit and iPhone X Augmented Reality
September 15, 2017

Apple AR Kit and iPhone X

Apple introduced the ARkit earlier this year, Tim Cook making it very clear about seeing potential in Augmented Reality more than Virtual Reality. ARkit is designed to work with your real-world environment, not even considering changes in lightning and shadows. The ARkit uses phones camera to measure the space around…


Apple AR Kit and iPhone X

AR Glasses – technology such as hololens, ODG, meta wear, and other glasses Augmented Reality
August 17, 2017

AR Glasses – technology such as hololens, ODG, meta wear, and other glasses

Everyone’s talking virtual reality nowadays. It’s all good when when you can recreate scenarios like a roller-coaster ride, para gliding or any sort of craziness. This is all good but only when you are with your computer. What about the real world? Augmented Reality is adding imagination and information to…


AR Glasses – technology such as hololens, ODG, meta wear, and other glasses

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